Just to be honest WordPress vs GoDaddy is not an accurate comparison. It’s like me demanding you to tell me how many feet does 8 gallons of water weight? You would never be able to tell me because they are different units of measurement. When you ask the question, what is the difference between GoDaddy and WordPress? The answer is, they are different companies that do different things.

GoDaddy is a domain registrar, it’s not a true hosting company. When you host your blog at a domain registrar it is like buying hot and ready pizza at 7-Eleven. I mean sure you can buy it there, but it’s not going to taste that good. If you want the good stuff you have to go to Papa Johns, Dominos, etc. In the same way domain registrars such as GoDaddy might offer hosting, but it’s not going to be good compared to actual hosting companies. It might seem ideal to keep your domain and hosting with the same company, but I strongly recommend that you don’t do this.

WordPress is the best and fastest growing content management system today. Most of your favorite sites that you love to go on are powered by WP. WP is not a hosting company. It is free to use WordPress , but you have to pay for your own hosting. Bluehost is the recommended hosting prov >web hosting page . Not only is BH cheap at only 3.49 a month, but it is also reliable and it is one of the largest hosting companies. I recommend you to host with them because they beat GoDaddy by a landslide.

There I said it. Plain and simple their hosting is slow and let me explain why. When you sign up with GD you will be in competition with other GD customers for speed and bandwidth because GoDaddy adds thousands of blogs to one server. GD takes being cheap to a whole different level. They have a terrible reputation of having D+ service. Everywhere you go Gd is being annihilated by dissatisfied customers. At the end of the day you get what you pay for.

Let’s call it what it is, GoDaddy support is not good at all. I will say this, their support used to be awful, but it has gotten better over the years, but they still receive a lot of complaints. If your site is slow and is always down because of your hosting company, then customer service is going to be your best friend. When customer service is subpar you are in a world of trouble. Do you really want to be on the phone with them for hours every month? GoDaddy is all about sales not help. You can tell by their sexist ad promotions to beat out their competitors

It’s not as easy as it seems to make a good looking site with their site builder. I highly recommend that instead of using a site builder get your own hosting from Bluehost and install your own theme and add plugins to get the awesome results that you desire. You might think WordPress is difficult, but it’s not. WP is extremely easy to use and install. In fact, I wrote an article that shows step by step how you can start a blog in 4 minutes using Bluehost. Did you know that with their site builder you can’t switch templates without forfeiting all of your content? That’s not the only problem. Another problem is that there have been a lot of reported glitches. Their editor is not that good and it comes up short. If you are a serious business owner and you want a site that does not look generic and boring, then do not choose their website builder. Install self-hosted WordPress.

I wanted to remind you as well to never start a site with WordPress.com, also known as free hosted WordPress. Sites like this are not for real bloggers and business owners who seek to have a future with their site. Always make sure that you pay for hosting so you have full control of your blog. I do not recommend you to get GD regular hosting or the GoDaddy WordPress managed hosting. Please if you were thinking about getting other things from GD besides a domain name don’t do it. When it comes to buying domains these guys are one of the best. This is what they were made to do. When it comes to things such as hosting, the bad performance you will get is not worth your money.


  • WordPress is at the top of its class when it comes to Content management systems.
  • While GD is at the top of its class when it comes to domain registrars, it is at the bottom when it comes to hosting.


  • Most sites use WP
  • Most sites don’t use GD for hosting.


  • WP.org has good reviews
  • GD has terrible reviews


  • WP support is endless. Since most people use WP there are so many sites that will help you and give you the answers to your questions.
  • Even though their support has gotten better over the years their support is still not good enough.


  • WP is free, but you have to pay for your own hosting.
  • GD is 4.99 a month to host one site and 5.99 a month to host multiple sites.

Once again this article was made for new bloggers to explain that you really can’t compare these two different companies. But what you can do is save yourself the trouble and get hosting with BH, which is the industries finest for under 4 dollars a month. The good thing about BH is that if you d >Check out Bluehost .

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