WordPress personal is not worth it! The WordPress Personal plan is intended for those who desire a small blog and nothing else. It’s intended for those who need their own small space to write down their thoughts. If you need a business website than Personal would not be for you.

I would compare Personal to an apartment where you can do what you desire. Although the space is limited within your apartment at least you can do what you desire.

Instead of using Personal you are better off self-hosting your WordPress website with SiteGround which is what I do and all serious bloggers do.

Unlike the other WordPress plans, space is very limited with the Personal option. Instead of unlimited storage space with the WordPress Business plan or 13GB of storage space with Premium, you will be given 6GB storage space.

Instead of having only 6GB of storage for your podcasts, videos, images, documents, etc. You would be better off self-hosting your WordPress website with SiteGround. It’s just the clear wiser choice. SiteGround’s cheapest plan gives you 4 more GB of web space. Instead of 6 you will have 10 and you will have unmetered bandwidth for your site.

One of the best benefits of blogging is that you can do it for a living. Blogging can be a part time and even a full-time income. It’s a shame to not monetize your hard-earned writing work. The only WordPress plans that do not let you monetize your website are the Free plan and the Personal plan. If you have your own servers, then you can do anything that you want with your website. When you choose Personal you’re cutting your revenue potential by more than half.

Just like I said in my WordPress premium plan review, most who choose Personal due it so they will not have to see WordPress.com ads on their website. These ads can be annoying, they hurt the image of your brand, and affect your blogging income.

Although Personal users will not have to worry about these ads, you still have to worry about using their servers. It’s never going to be your website. The site belongs to whoever owns the severs. It’s their website and their rules. If you break their TOS, they can shut your site down and this does happen more than you think. If you’re worried about the long-term as a blogger, then self-hosting is the best option. Professional bloggers need their own servers. This is why I never recommend free-hosted options such as Tumblr.

The Personal plan is $5 cheaper than their Premium plan. It will cost you $2.99/mo to use Personal.

When you self-host all that you need is a hosting service such as inMotion or SiteGround. I strongly recommend SiteGround which is faster, cheaper, more reliable, and offers more features. When you use SiteGround, the prices start from $3.95/mo. It all depends on what you need. If it is going to only cost you $0.96 more to self-host, then you are better off self-hosting so you can have your own web servers.

WordPress Personal features

  • 6GB Storage Space
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Jetpack Essential Features
  • In-depth stats
  • Mobile and desktop apps
  • Upload or embed media
  • Email & Live Chat Support
  • Hundreds of Free Themes
  • Basic Design Customization
  • Ads removed

Self-hosting and SiteGround WordPress features

  • Over 45,000 plugins.
  • Built-in features
  • Over 2000 free themes. Over 20,000 Premium WordPress themes.
  • SEO Friendly out of the box.
  • Own Your Data
  • Multiple data centers for faster website load
  • Available in over 70 languages.
  • Free Drag & Drop Builder
  • cPanel control panel
  • SSD Storage
  • Free CDN
  • Anti-Hack Systems & Help

With WordPress Personal, you are given access to hundreds of free themes. With their Premium and Business plan, you are given access to all of their Premium themes and you are given advanced design customization. You are given complete control of your site’s CSS.

What I want you to see is this, all the WordPress plans have under 500 themes to choose from. You immediately see the design limitations. When you self-host you are given access to a larger library of WordPress themes. Right when you enter into your dashboard and go to themes in the appearance section, you will see that you have almost 2500 themes to choose from. This is only available to those that self-host.

My biggest drawback of WordPress.com is that it does not allow you to install any plugins. It’s like being inside a Porsche car dealership and not being able to drive the cars. Plugins are what makes WordPress the best website builder. The Personal option does allow you to have a few common plugins such as the ability to implement social sharing buttons or add a contact form but these are per-built.

With the Personal plan, you miss out on SEO plugins, social media plugins, forum plugins, editing plugins, design plugins, ecommerce plugins, sales plugins, security plugins, mobile plugins, newsletter plugins, game plugins, video plugins, image plugins and more. When you self-host you can turn your site into almost anything that you desire. With over 40K plugins you can have any feature that you desire. Plugins make using WordPress easy and fun.

As a blogger, you want your content to be found in the search engines. I have been blogging for years. I am qualified to speak on the topic of SEO. I can almost guarantee you that your site will not rank well if you choose their Personal plan. Most of the sites that rank for keywords are sites that self-host.

You can possibly rank for low competition keywords but that is about it. If you self-host, then you can install SEO plugins such as Yoast which aids your site in the search engines. Google looks at speed as a ranking factor.

If you self-host, to increase speed you can install plugins such as W3Techs which improves the speed and user experience of your site. Also, you can purchase light themes such as Genesis which gives you a huge boost in the search engines. These options are not available for those on the Personal plan.

With Personal one thing that is beneficial is that you will get email and live chat support. I especially love the live chat support. However, with the WordPress.org version when you self-host you are given 24/7 phone, chat, and email support through SiteGround. SiteGround has trained WordPress experts who will access your website if needed and fix any issue that you might have.

It makes no sense to choose the WordPress Personal option when you can get better deals by self-hosting with the top hosting company. When you self-host you will receive more features, plugins, themes, SEO power, support, etc. Self-hosting gives you ownership which is what you need. It’s easy. Right now, I will show you how you can self-host with SiteGround and start ranking on Google in 5 minutes.

Set up your site in 5 minutes. (Guide)

  • Choose your desired WordPress plan.
  • Create a domain for your new site.
  • Add setup info
  • Click on the get WordPress preinstalled option.
  • WordPress login information time!
  • You can now login and start blogging today.
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