Let’s compare Wix Vs HostGator to see which one provides better hosting for your next site. I guarantee that you will see how obvious the choice is after reading this review.

When it comes to web hosting a good uptime is always needed. More uptime means more trust with your brand, more visitors, more sales, more subscribers, and more reliability.

HostGator has an uptime of 99.99% which is a great uptime. I have been a satisfied HostGator customer so I have no complaints. Upon monitoring Wix it has an uptime of 99.85%.

In this Wix post, A customer asked what is Wix’s uptime, in which a Wix staff member said, “thanks for contacting us. Currently, our server up-time is 99.8% – we are live 99.8% of the time.”

Just as the saying goes, “the faster the better.” Upon monitoring the server response time of both companies. Wix has a server response time in the 700ms range. HostGator has a response time in the 300ms range. It is more than clear that if you want more speed, then go with HostGator today.

Wix does not have the cheapest prices in the world. Their plans are a bit pricey for a drag and drop website builder. Their first two plans lack the features that you need and in my opinion they are limited. Their 12 dollar plan would be the best plan for someone who wants to use Wix. I would like to note that these are their yearly plans. Their month to month plans are going to cost you more.

Here are their monthly plans

Connect Domain – $6.90

If you pay yearly with HostGator it is going to cost you $5.21/mo with the WPVsBlogger discount. If you would rather pay monthly, then it is going to cost you $8.21 a month. HG has the better prices especially for all the features that you are getting.

(Click this HG link) and use promo code WPBLOGGER25 for 25% off. Use BLOGGER100 for one month hosting for $0.01

If you like and are used to drag and drop builders then you will have no problem jumping into Wix. It is easy to use, but there are a lack of templates to choose from and it doesn’t allow for deep customization.

You can set up and create a site with HG and WP in under 20 minutes. The HG cPanel is extremely easy to understand. Once you install HG and get a domain, all you have to do is install WordPress and you are done.

When you are done sign in your WP dashboard and choose from thousands of free and premium themes. Don’t forget that you are given a truckload of free plugins to give your site different abilities.

Wix’s Combo plan only allows for 2GB of bandwidth and 3GB of storage space, which is not good for the future. Believe me this small amount will run out. Their unlimited plan offers 10GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth.

You have to think about all the things that you want to do with your site and how will the storage limitations effect that. With HostGator you can have a large site with over 100,000 monthly visitors without a problem. HG has unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth.

One of the reasons that HostGator is the more attractive option for people who want to build a website is because the support is 100x better than Wix. Am I exaggerating? No! Here is why HG support is better. First, Wix does not have phone support. Actually they do, but you are going to have to pay 25 – 30 dollars for it with their VIP plan. Are you willing to pay that amount?

You might be saying I don’t need phone support at least I have live chat. The problem is that Wix does not offer their customers live chat either. Your only form of support is creating a ticket which can be frustrating at times, especially when you need immediate help.

HG has fantastic quick phone support which has never left me dry. Along with phone support you are given live chat, which has proven to be beneficial to all users. You are also given ticket support, but if you have phone and chat support, then most likely you’re not going to be using it that much. HG support goes beyond HG.

You have to take into account the WordPress support that you will be given. You have to take into account the largest website builder community in the world that is backing you up. You have to take into account the plethora of guides, Youtube videos, and bloggers that will be at your disposal.

HG is better for ecommerce because you are given an infinite amount of space. Scalabilty will never be a problem for you. All you need to do is install the free WooCommerce plugin with WordPresss and you are set. To sell with Wix is going to be expensive because you can only choose their ecommerce or VIP plan to sell on your website. The price is not the only killer. The other thing that you have to worry about is the storage provided, which is what we talked about above.

Google pays attention to site speed when they are ranking sites. A faster site means better rankings. In our speed comparison HG was the clear winner. Not only are you getting a faster site, but you are also getting SEO help from WordPress and the top SEO plugins in the world.

In the top 1000 sites over 200 of them are WP. None of them are Wix. That shows more people are choosing and ranking better with WP. One of the reasons that Wix sites are not the best for SEO is that they don’t have friendly URLs.

The good thing about getting your own hosting and not hosting your site on a website builder’s server is that you fully own the content and your domain. You can feel safe that your site and content is always secure because you don’t have to worry about violating their terms of service. Starting your site with Wix also means that since they own everything you can never export your Wix site.

I strongly recommend that you choose HostGator and install WordPress today. It is cheaper, you get more features, themes, more speed, better uptime, better SEO, better support, and you get a 45 day full money back guarantee.

It is extremely easy. Click here and start HostGator today . Don’t forget to use the coupon codes above.

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