Do you need to know the differences between Wix Vs Bluehost? I’ll explain in this article. There are two reasons why you are here. Either you have Wix and you’re tired of them and you want something better.

The second reason why you could be here is because you are thinking about making a website and you heard about Wix and Bluehost.

I will help you start. You can’t really compare these two because they are not the same. Let me clear up any confusion you might have below.

Bluehost is the top web hosting company that people use to host their site, Bluehost is not an actual website builder platform, you have to install WordPress with your BH and then you will have a website.

It takes me 5 minutes to make a site with Bluehost. It is that easy. Let me give you a quick overview of how simple it is.

Sign up with BH, log into your cPanel, in the website section install WordPress, login to your WP dashboard and you will see that your website is up and running.

The thing I like about WordPress in this topic is that all you have to do is install a theme which takes seconds. You don’t need to be a techie. WordPress has over 10K free and premium themes. If you want great themes that are easy to use and will help you rank higher I recommend that you (use Genesis).

With Wix you have to use their drag and drop features to build your site. You have to move things around to get the look that you desire. Most people find this easy, but some people don’t like drag and drop builders. The real big problem is that once you choose the theme that you want to go with you have to stick with it. I can’t count the amount of times that I have switched my themes with WP. If WordPress said that I wouldn’t be able to switch my themes I probably wouldn’t be able to do this for a living today.

With Bluehost you have to pay annually as with Wix unless you want to kill your pockets. Bluehost is going to cost you $3.95/mo, which is one of the cheapest hosting prices in the world.

Wix on the other hand will cost you more than triple the Bluehost price. The two cheapest pricing options are not meant for people who want to make money off of their site as they lack, a domain name, the space needed, features, and you have to have ads. If you were to go with Wix, your best bet would be going with the highlighted entrepreneurs plan for $12 dollars. Remember, you have to pay for the full year upfront.

With BH you will get a free domain for life when you sign up. Other places are going to charge you 15 dollars each year. With Wix you will see that it says “one year free” for the domain. Wix needs to clarify to people what that actually means. When questioned on this matter, here are the exact words from the Wix support team.

“I’m afraid that it is not possible to renew an existing domain with the Free Domain voucher. The voucher is only valid for new domain purchases.”

“The vouchers receiving upon purchasing a Premium Plan are a one-time gift. They are not renewed when renewing the Premium Plan.”

Are you interested in having phone support? Wix does not allow phone support unless you get their largest plan, which is $25 a month. This plan allows you to get one on one support with their dedicated VIP team. Most people will not pay this huge amount just to be able to have phone support. I know I wouldn’t. Bluehost allows you to talk with their experts at any time and any day of the week. They have 9 different numbers for different departments. Not only are you getting phone support, but you are also getting live chat, which is not available with Wix.

With BH you will get unlimited disk storage. With Wix you will see that the amount of storage that you receive is dependent on the plan that you choose.

Bluehost +WP

  • Over 30,000 WP plugins and features.
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • More than 70 languages
  • Blazing Fast Servers
  • Top blogging platform in the world
  • Over 10K themes
  • Dual Quad Processor Performance Servers
  • UPS Power Backup
  • Diesel Generator Backup Power
  • Free Drag and Drop Site Builder
  • Free Domain Name
  • Support International Domain Names
  • POP3/POP3 Secure E-mail Support Unlimited
  • IMAP/Secure IMAP E-mail Support Unlimited
  • 3 Different Webmail (Web Based E-mail) Solutions
  • Forwarding E-mail Accounts Unlimited
  • Unlimited GB of Site Transfer Unlimited
  • Add-on Domains


  • Easy Drag and Drop
  • Over 500 designer-made templates
  • Image Editor
  • Social Buttons
  • Site Analytics
  • Wix Smart Actions
  • Pin to Screen
  • Anchor Menu
  • Video Background
  • Blog feature
  • 40+ Galleries

I can give you a hundred reasons why Wix is not good for SEO. You never see Wix sites rank for keywords. You never see them at the top spots in any search engine. You can identity a Wix site by their terrible permalink structure. In 10/2015 all Wix sites completely disappeared from Google? I would play it safe and go with the best option, which is Bluehost and WP.

Bluehost has very fast servers and we all know that page speed matters when ranking. There is no way that Wix is going to top the BH average load response time. The Google team endorses WP, that lets you know that WordPress sites rank the best.

WP also gives you the top SEO plugin, which is Yoast. In one click you will enhance your site. You do not get this with Wix. Their plugins are not on the same caliber.

Datanyze Universe reports show that out of the top 1000 sites 279 of them are WP. Only 1 of them is a Wix site, which mostly likely is of course.

Bluehost – BH has a 99.99% uptime

Wix – Wix has a 99.85% uptime.

When you place your site on BH that is your hosting provider. You own all of your content. You don’t have to worry about modification from another party. Wix states in their TOS that you are giving them permission to modify your work. You are not the owner. They are because it’s on their servers.

Many of the most popular ecommerce websites are using the WooCommerce plugin. Bluehost gives you the storage space to turn your site into a professional online shop and sell thousands of products. To sell with Wix you have to pay $16/mo, but you still have limitations with storage. WP + BH is better for business, blogging, and the long run.

Most sites that are on the internet are WordPress sites and I personally use it for all of my sites. WP and BH is a way better option than Wix. You get way more for a better price.

The longer you wait the longer it will be before you start ranking. It takes me 5 minutes to make a site . BH has a full money back guarantee so you have nothing to fear.

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