The numbers speak for themselves. There is no denying that WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world. Using W3techs I found that WordPress is used by almost 30% of the entire internet.

The next platforms are Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and Blogger. Joomla has a usage rate of 3.2%. Drupal has a usage rate of 2.3%. Magento has a usage rate of 1.2%. Blogger has a usage rate of 0.9%.

All platforms mentioned are extremely popular platforms with millions of users. However, WordPress is 10x larger than most of them. What is it that makes WordPress so popular? That is what we will find out today.

There are differences between these platforms. I want to make it clear that I am not referring to the free version of WordPress or any paid versions of WordPress such as their Premium blogging platform. For those of you who desire to blog for a living, it is never wise to use the free WordPress platform, which does not give you the SEO power that you need to rank well. Not only does the free version neglect the SEO needs of its users, but it also lacks in plugins and features. Free and paid versions are better fit for those who just desire to blog as a hobby and that is it. Is the free version popular? Yes and no. It’s a well-known platform. However, it is not popular among people who blog for a living and those who use WordPress to power their business. There is no professional blogger who will ever recommend using if you desire to go far as a website owner. You must always self-host. I recommend using WordPress with SiteGround hosting and below I will show you how to easily setup a site in minutes.

1. WordPress is easy to use.

Now that we have made it clear that we are referring to the self-hosting WordPress version, now we can talk about the first reason that WordPress is so beloved. WordPress is easy to use. Once you log into your WordPress dashboard you will notice that everything is perfectly in place. Beginners will not have any problems finding out how to write a blog. Nor will they have any problems with adding plugins, changing themes, making changes to your settings, and more. Everything is perfectly set in place for you to succeed. There is a common misconception using WordPress that you have to have some coding skills which is far from the truth. With WordPress, you don’t have to be a techie. I’ve seen people literally get the hang of WordPress in just a few minutes. WordPress makes you feel like a techie, but to be honest most people are not techies. People want an easy to use platform that they can manage on their own. I’ve noticed that countless people are ditching Dreamweaver for WordPress.

2. Websites can be expensive, but WordPress is inexpensive.

I’ve been on the web for 5 years now. I remember before desiring a website badly, but I knew nothing about websites or blogs. I checked online and many companies were asking thousands of dollars for website creation. To be honest, their example sites looked mediocre at best. Why would I want to spend thousands of dollars for a dull looking site? Thank God I heard about WordPress. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a website, I instead used WordPress which is free and I purchased hosting.

This is how much it costs with WordPress on average.

Free + $3.95, $5.95 /mo, or $11.95 /mo depending on what plan you choose with SiteGround hosting + a $30 – $100 WordPress theme. If you want to you can also use one of their free themes.

3. WordPress users can install over 30,000 themes.

The design of your website matters. Not only does it matter to your site visitors, but it also matters to you. All website owners want their site to look a certain way. We want our website to scream “me.” Whether you check WIX, Squarespace, PageCloud, Weebly, etc. you will notice that most site builders and website platforms lack in their theme selection. Finding the right look for your business has just become harder with other website builder platforms.

The great thing about WordPress is that you have over 2000 free themes to choose from. This number alone is more than most website platforms. It doesn’t just end there. SiteGround hosting gives you 500+ themes. Also, WordPress excels in cheap Premium themes. You will find WP themes all over the internet. All that you have to do is go to websites like Template Monster, Themeisle, Themify, Elegant Themes, and more.

You are sure to find the perfect design for your site with this huge selection available to you with WP. I am currently using the Thesis theme which is great for SEO. I also recommend the Genesis theme for SEO.

4. WordPress excels in SEO.

With WordPress, you don’t have to be a genius to have good SEO. WordPress sites are known for ranking well. With WordPress all that you have to do is install an SEO plugin and you’ll be fine. Even without an SEO plugin your site is built for SEO. I know some popular bloggers who don’t even use an SEO plugin. However, they still rank well in Google and Bing. For some platforms, your brain has to be your SEO. For other platforms you have to pay for an SEO plugin. With WordPress you have built-in SEO and you can install several free plugins to boost your website’s search engine performance and page load speed.

WordPress users have thousands of free plugins to choose from.

With WordPress, you have over 50,000 free plugins available to you. No other website builder or CMS in the world gives you more free plugins. With WordPress, you can literarily install any plugin to extend the features of your site.

Create a WordPress website in 5 minutes now.

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