Are you thinking about starting a blog? Today we will learn what is a blog used for. I will help you find out the great benefits of blogging and help you become a blogger today in less than 10 minutes . A blog is like an online Diary or journal. We get the word blog from we blog or weblog and it is basically posts listed in chronological order. Most of the sites on the internet that you love visiting are blogs. Let’s learn the benefits below.

Millions of people are making money from their blogs. I blog full-time for a living. If you start today in just a few months you can be making $200+ a month with blogging and one day it can be your full-time job.

When you make your first dollar you are going to get really excited. There is always money to be made in the blogging industry. How do people make money you ask?

You can make money in a lot of ways such as, referral programs/ affiliate links, selling your own stuff, Adsense ads, selling ad space, etc. A blog is used to earn money and it could be what you use it for today.

Every business should have a blog and most businesses do. Blogs increase traffic and sales by over 100%. Not only do they help when it comes to profit, but they build trust, give your business exposure, and get your brand out there. Let’s call it for what it is. If someone has a business and they are not blogging, then they are idiots.

Who said words are not powerful because that is a lie. Many people blog because they were given a voice to inspire others. Why not do the same with yours? Is there something that you are extremely passionate about that you feel like can be a blessing to others? It could be God, it could be health tips, it could be motivation, it could be teaching others something that you have learned. Use your words to help someone today with a blog.

It’s a good thing to express yourself. Sometimes we don’t feel like physically talking to people about the things in our life. Sometimes we want to, but just don’t know how to yet because we are not used to doing it. Blogging just opens another way to do it. Put all your emotions and thoughts into words with a blog.

When you start blogging with WordPress you can do anything that you want. Show off your artistic side because blogging is art. Allow your blog to say, this is me. This is who I am. Add the colors that you want, customize it to your liking, With WordPress you have over 30,000 plugins that give your site different capabilities. It is so easy!

Add different features to express who you are. Add all the bells and whistles that you want. Add boxes, add live chat, add membership sections, add your Instagram feed, add galleries. You are going to be surprised what features you can have with these quick install plugins. Turn your site into a forum, a store, anything that you want.

You might not think blogging is fun, but wait until you start. It’s fun writing about things that you are interested about. Blogging is more than a hobby and it can turn into your virtual home. It’s fun when you make new friends and interact with them. It’s fun when you meet up with your blogger friends and share guest posts. The blogging life is a good life and if you want to start a new friendship with people all around the world then start a blog today.

There are so many success stories of people who started a blog as just a hobby now they are writing for Fortune 500 companies. Their are people who sold their blog for 6 figures. I know some people who have met their spouse through the blogging world. Who knows what doors blogging will open for you, but you will not know until you get started.

There is nothing wrong with sharing how you feel about what is going on in the world today. Do you want your voice to be heard? Do you want to give your personal take on things in this world of followers. A blog allows you to do that.

Blogging will teach you how to become a more efficient writer. You will learn how to grab the attention of your audience. You will learn how to become a better author. It won’t take long before people start asking you to write for them or help them to write better.

Not only will you learn more about what you are constantly writing about, but you will learn more about building blogs and websites. When I first started blogging I learned so much about my niche, but I also learned how to be a better blogger.

In the beginning I didn’t know I was going to make a lot of websites, but that’s what happens when you blog. You learn things that you are not even trying to learn. You might be thinking about starting a blog, but I feel like down the line you are going to want more than one.

Any edge that you can get is a plus. There are some bloggers that are so big that any blog that they decide to create will become an instant success. Blogging gets your name out there and it will be easier for you to get a job. For example, if you were to start a successful tech blog who do you think has a bigger chance of being hired by a large tech company? You, a person with a successful tech blog or someone who might know his stuff, but doesn’t have the resume and the successful blog to back him up? The answer is obvious. Start a blog and build your resume today.

Some people blog just to keep a record of personal achievements that are going on in their life. Some people blog to tell the world what is going on in their life for today, tomorrow, and in the future. People do it to give themselves a personal reminder of what is to come and to be more motivated to accomplish their goals. From experience I will tell you that a blog does motivate you in a plethora of ways.

Are you a good story teller? If so then use a blog to share your amazing stories. You don’t have to stop there. A blog can give you a platform to give people a sneak preview of a book that you might be releasing. Also, a blog can be used to post your song lyrics, your music, music videos, poems, and podcasts.

Many people blog to have an online presence. It’s cool to start a website, you feel like a techie. Wow I actually have a website that people can Google and find. For most people this is an exciting experience.

You can use your blog for every single point in this article. You can blog for fun, for money, to share ideas, for business, to build you resume, and more. All you need is good cheap hosting to help you get started. I recommend iPage. It costs only 1.99/mo, which is snack money. They give you a free domain instead of having to pay for a yearly one from other places.

It is extremely easy. Follow these steps.

Step 2 : Choose a free domain name

Step 3 : Enter your personal info and choose a plan.

Step 4 : In your control panel choose website and WordPress, you will be redirected, then install WP which is free.

Step 5 : Select your domain and leave the directory box empty and click continue.

Step 6 : Congratulations you can log into your WordPress and choose from thousands of free themes and plugins. If you need any help at all don’t hesitate to email me.

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