Are you planning on running a small business? Let’s compare Weebly Vs Google Sites to help you find, which is the right platform for your next website. After reviewing both, I find this to be an easy choice and you will as well. Let’s begin.

Google Sites is a structured wiki- and Web page-creation tool offered by Google as part of the Google Apps for Work productivity suite.

Weebly makes it easy to create a high-quality website, blog or online store with their drag and drop feature.

Both platforms make creating a site easy for non-techies. The difference is that Weebly is a true drag and drop builder so it is going to be easier to create a site and it allows for more and deeper customization. Weebly allows you to enjoy creating your first website.

Both offer free pricing plans, but if you are running a real website and a real business you would never use one of their free plans. With Google Sites you are either going to pay 5 or 10 dollars a month depending on the plan that you want.

You are most likely going to go with the one that gives you unlimited storage and more options so most likely you are going with the Google Sites $10 plan.

Weebly offers a $8, $12, and $25 plan. I will honestly let you know right now the $12 Weebly plan is better than the $10 Google Sites plan because you are getting more features to work with. On just plans alone the $12 plan is your best bet for someone who wants to start a business.

Whether you are running an organizational website or a business website you never know when you are going to sell things. You want to have a platform that allows for ecommerce. GS does not allow you to sell things so it is not the ideal choice for any business. Weebly actually allows you to run an online store. With their Pro $12 plan you will be able to sell up to 25 different items on your website.

Weebly has more features to look forward to.

App center with free and paid apps. Tools, ecommerce, marketing, communication, social.

Free Google Ad credits

HD video & audio players

Password protect pages

Membership – Build a membership website that lets people log in to access special content.

Drag and drop design

Free Image Upload and Photo Editing

Weebly Photo Library

Video Hosting and Upload

Automatic Mobile Sites

Google Sites was not built with a lot of features.

Embed videos, docs, spreadsheets, presentations, photo slide shows, and calendars

Easily search and export to different formats.

Google Sites does not allow you to install apps to give your website different capabilities. You are able to embed a few basic features like calendars and images, but that is about it. Weebly allows you to install apps such as live chat, a free business phone number, SEO monitoring tools, traffic boosters, and more.

Both platforms don’t have a large amount of themes to choose from, but in this category Weebly wins in a landslide because Weebly is more customizable and their themes look far better. The Google Sites themes are extremely outdated and dull. You don’t want your business to have a 1990s look to it.

If you have ever blogged with GS you know that it is a hassle and it doesn’t offer anything. Everything becomes a pain and you can’t even allow comments.

The flexible Weebly drag and drop feature allows you to build blog content quickly and easily. You will get advanced comment management tools, blog SEO, widget options, media options, etc. You are able to allow your readers to comment. Weebly allows you to blog better and rank better and we all know that blogging is a big part of any successful business.

The popularity comparison shows us what most people are choosing. Weebly is way more popular than Google Sites. It currently has over 30 million users. When it comes to monthly Google searches Weebly has 1,220,000 searches while Google Sites has 450,000 monthly searches.

You need to rank better in the search engines. Weebly helps you rank better because they have better built-in SEO and you have the ability to install site boosters something that you will not have with Google Sites. Not to mention Weebly gives you more on page and off page SEO advice which will help your business. These are things that Google Sites lack in Google. It’s easy to create a website, but how about when it comes to bringing traffic to it?

Weebly has phone support, ticket support, live chat support, they have a huge help center filled with easy to understand articles, and they have the larger community out of the two.

Google Sites has phone support, a forum, and they many articles to help you get started.

Weebly is the obvious better choice. It is more popular, it offers more features, it offers better SEO, it has apps, more customization, etc. Whether you want to start a business or organization type website Weebly is your best bet. The best plan is the $12 plan because of the extra features .

I strongly recommend that you test them out for free to see for yourself.

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