Which is better out of Weebly Vs Dreamweaver? This was really a very easy comparison. Most people who used both platforms and gave a review came out with a clear winner and that was Weebly. In my assessment of both it was clear that Weebly is better for starting a business or a regular professional website.

Weebly is one of the top drag and drop website builders in the world that lets you bring all of your dreams and ideas on the web without knowing any code.

Dreamweaver is a proprietary web development tool developed by Adobe.


Dreamweaver is not for beginners. If you don’t have coding experience then making a website with it is going to be a hassle. Even if you know some coding that is still not good enough because “some coding knowledge” is not going to get you the desires that you want. It takes years to be extremely effective in PHP and HTML.

Not only do you have to take into consideration the difficulty, but you have to take into consideration the time that it is going to take to complete a project. Something that can be done in minutes with Weebly is going to take you days or weeks.


Weebly is a plain and simple drag and drop website builder. There is nothing difficult to it. All that you have to do is move everything around to make a beautiful looking site. Unlike Dreamweaver there is no coding required. You are able to customize your site without being frustrated with the dirty work.


Just like you can install smartphone apps onto your phone to give your phone different capabilities you can extend the features on your site by installing an app. Many of these apps will prove to be helpful such as the free Donorbox to receive donations. There are apps for a plethora of different things.


These apps that give your website different features are not available with Dreamweaver. You have to build different features on your own. Once again if you are not advanced in coding, then everything is going to be a hassle for you.

Weebly has 3 plans. I strongly recommend that if you choose Weebly choose the $12 Pro plan. I would choose this plan because it offers unlimited storage, you get membership features, more ecommerce features, site search, phone support, and more. It’s better built for a professional website.

Dreamweaver is not this cheap. It is going to cost you a monthly fee to use their software. This is one of the things that I don’t like about Dreamweaver. There should be a one-time fee to use Adobe Dreamweaver and at least the price should be lower. You are going to either pay $30/mo for their 1 month plan or $20/mo for their 12 month plan. This price is just too expensive and you have to remember you have to pay to host your own site as well.

With Dreamweaver your knowledge has to be your SEO. Making clean URLs is going to be difficult. This is just one of the SEO options that you have to think about. How are you going to rank better in the search engines?

Weebly SEO is already built-in. You don’t have to do anything extra, but you can. In the Weebly App Center you can install a site booster which has great reviews. One user said that his search engine clicking counts raised almost 70%. Giving you better rankings is just one of the things that a site booster is good for. It also gets your site listed in directories & business listings like Google, Yahoo, Bing & more!

Most clients are going to want the easier option. No one is going to want to call a developer every second. You want something that has everything there for you and that is Weebly. It has ready made themes, apps, and built-in features. Every time that you have to call a developer that is money going out of your pockets.

Dreamweaver is not as popular as it was years ago. Most people want the easier option. These days Dreamweaver is only used for one page static sites, nothing too complicated. If you don’t know code and you want to make a complex site in minutes, then Weebly is the best option. Weebly is easy and flexible for beginners, it offers built-in ecommerce, better SEO, cheaper prices, and more.

I recommend the PRO Plan for your website. Try Weebly here for free today.

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