Let’s compare WebSite X5 Vs WordPress to help start up your website. This comparison is like comparing a giant to a mouse and I will show you why the choice is easy.

Both platforms are easy to use and you don’t need to know code. WebSite X5 has a drag and drop approach while WordPress is about clicking and installing.

With WordPress all that you have to do is log into your dashboard and install a theme in the appearance area and you are done. With Website X5 you have to move different things around which is going to take longer. With HostGator hosting you can create a WP website in under 20 minutes. It’s easier to understand the WP dashboard.

If you want a real website with WebSite X5 you are going to have to pay $75 for Evolution 12 or you are going to have to pay $200 with Professional 12. If someone was to choose WX5 they would be better off choosing the Professional 12 plan because of the extra options which Evolution 12 lacks in.

There is no cost for using WordPress. All that you have to pay for is your hosting. It’s going to be way cheaper with your own hosting. I am currently using HostGator for all of my websites and I couldn’t be more happier. I strongly recommend that you use them and also by clicking the link and using the promo code below you will get your first month free.

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With WebSite X5 you are only able to browse through a gallery of 1,000 ready-to-use graphic templates. While 1000 templates are more than other website builders the templates that you have to choose from are not really appealing. They look dull and old.


WordPress has an even greater option of themes. There are over 2,500 free themes to choose from so it will be easier to find a good look for your business. When it comes to premium themes WordPress has over 6K themes.

Whatever type of theme that you want you are guaranteed to find it. All that you have to do is install it, which takes only one second and it is ready to go.


One of the huge drawbacks of WebSite X5 is that it does not offer any plugins for your website. That is why it is not good for any business. It doesn’t allow you to grow with your visitors. When you need a new feature that is not already built-in you are going to have to spend money for someone to build it for you or you are going to have to keep going without it.


One of the things I love about WP is that plugins are always available to me and they are easy to install. I am not talking about one or two plugins. I am talking about over 37,000 features that you can install with a single click. Can I install an ecommerce feature? Yes! Can I install writing editors? Yes!

Can I install a feature that helps me talk to visitors on my website? Yes, there are various live and video chat plugins. Are there features to increase my website speed and search engine performance? Yes, I am using them for my website. These are the type of questions that many beginners ask. In the future whatever you want just install it for free. Whether it’s a search bar, ad banners for promotion, etc. WordPress has all that you need and more.

Search engine optimization determines how well your website is going to rank on Google. Every website builder says that it is SEO friendly, but I learned that only a few actually are.


WebSite X5’s professional plan doesn’t even offer sitemap.xml definition. It doesn’t really have any add-ons that can actually increase your SEO. One of the true tests of seeing if a platform is optimized for better rankings is by checking popular sites built on that platform and using a ranking tool to verify their rankings. You will not find popular sites built on WebSite X5. That means that sites that are using it are not getting to the top of the search engines.


With WordPress it is a whole different ball game. WordPress has proven over the years that it is the best platform in the world to help your business achieve better rankings. It offers clean URL’s, Robots.txt optimization, meta & description tags, optimized themes, sitemaps, and more. On top of all these things you can add plugins.

Did you know that most websites on the internet are using an SEO plugin? The Yoast plugin is extremely effective and it will do great things for your website. Over 20% of the top sites in the world are WordPress. That shows that WP is getting the job done and it will be easier to get your website to rank better.

One of the greatest ways to increase revenue and traffic is by blogging. At the moment I can’t think of any popular and well-known business that does not blog.


Both the Evolution 12 and the Professional 12 plan allow you to blog, but their blog feature is not really impressive. While it does have the feature it is not built to blog, it was made to be a website builder.


WordPress excels at blogging and it has all the extra blog features that you need. Currently, WordPress is well in first place vs Joomla, Drupal, and other CMS. It’s not only a powerful CMS! Many people have forgotten that WordPress started as a blogging platform.

The stats show that it is three all in one. WordPress is the top CMS, top website builder, and top blogging platform. It does it all.

Average Google searches

  • WebSite X5 – 18,100
  • WordPress – 2,740,000

W3Techs percentage of the internet that is built on these site builders.

WordPress – is used by 25.4% of the internet.

Website X5 – is used by less than 0.1% of the internet.

Well-known and popular websites built with these website builders.

Website X5 – None

WordPress – Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, People, IGN, Mercedes Benz, Nikon, Lollapalooza, Bi-Rite Market, and more.


WebSite X5 lacks in documentation and support. When you check their website you will see that their docs are just not clear. They don’t reveal to you things that you are going to have to pay for after you purchase their product.

I can’t recommend something to beginners that lacks documentation. WebSiteX5 targets people in Italy. I would never recommend it to people who live in Italy because they lack in a lot of areas, but I would especially never recommend it to people in the U.S.

Even their phone support is in Italy, which is bad for the people in other places. You have to remember that it is going to be hard to find outside help.


WordPress is packed with full documentation and support. You will get thousands of YoutTube videos. You will get hundreds of forums across the web. You will get 24/7 phone and chat support with HostGator and they will help you with everything. Most people use WordPress so that means that you will get more outside help.

WebSiteX5 sites are not fully responsive. Many users in their forum complain about their site not being responsive. A good amount of my traffic comes from mobile users and this will only increase in the future. People are going to leave your site if your site is not responsive. WordPress does not have this problem.

WX5 is not large enough and good enough for me to recommend it to others. It’s not in the same class as WordPress. I honestly don’t know how anyone can choose it over WordPress. WordPress offers thousands of more features and it has everything that WebSite X5 doesn’t.

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