Are you seeking to start a website? I will compare Umbraco Vs WordPress to help you make your choice today because this is truly an easy comparison.

Umbraco is an open source CMS for .NET developers that is based on the Microsoft.NET platform.

WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP.

Both Content Management Systems are free to use, but WordPress is going to be cheaper for you and here is why. Umbraco is built on the .NET framework and that means that it is going to be more costly to host.

There is a good chance that if you use Umbraco you are going to need to pay a developer to help with the setup. Also, most likely you are going to need to pay someone to help you out with your site design. Everything is free and easy with WP.

Umbraco is for developers. It is difficult to use. It should not be used by beginners because of the stiff learning curve. Even if someone is a programmer it is still going to be difficult because you are going to have to get to know Umbraco and all that it can do. That is why you are going to end up dishing out money to developers to help you.

With WP it’s going to be much easier and faster for you to start. All you need is a hosting company like Bluehost, which is what recommends and it has great scalability. From your hosting company you install WordPress, you login, and then install a theme and you’re finished.

Whether you want an ecommerce, blog style, or static site it takes minutes with WP. One of the reasons that I decided to choose WordPress over website builders and other CMS is because the speed and the simplicity in which it takes to create a website. Is simplicity and speed something that you are willing to give up?

With other content management systems that have been around for years you are going to find thousands of themes to help you get started, with Umbraco you will not have this. There are a few basic skins and starter kits, but that is about it. Umbraco really struggles and falls in this area. The real value of Umbraco is that it is left up to the developer to create the design that they desire.

With WordPress there are over 10,000 free and premium themes. You can install and pick them up from anywhere. Genesis, Elegant Themes, Theme Forest, Template Monster, Simple Themes, and more. You are going to find the theme that you want without a problem and it’s so easy to install them onto your site.

When it comes to plugins which are add-ons that extend the functionality of your site there is no real comparison and here is why. Umbraco barely offers you any

If you want plugins, then you have to build them yourself. If you’re not a coder then you are out of luck. WP offers 30,000+ plugins to enhance the core functionality of your site. What that means for you is that your site can have basically any feature that you want and it is only going to take you one second to install it. There are security plugins, social media plugins, and there are even plugins to help you move your Umbraco site over to WordPress.

With Umbraco you will run into bugs from time to time such as missing library references and duplicate templates.

The reason that the SEO topic is a big one is because if you don’t have good SEO you will not rank well. Umbraco allows you to create SEO friendly web pages with complete control over all SEO components.

Everything with WordPress is structured for powerful SEO. The reason that WordPress clearly takes the crown is that WordPress lets you install the most popular SEO plugin in the world, which is Yoast. WordPress sites are at the top of search engines and the Yoast plugin is one reason why. Another reason is because you can install the Genesis Framework. This theme is the best SEO optimized theme on the internet and it is great for beginners.

One con of Umbraco that many users complain about is that their sites are not too fast. Google hates slow sites and they will drop your rankings because of it. WordPress allows you to install top cache plugins to increase your speed like W3 Total Cache. With Umbraco if you run into slow performance you are going to have to figure it out yourself or hire a developer.

WordPress clearly wins when it comes to SEO.

Umbraco has 150+ in-depth video tutorials, accompanied by written documentation. Sweet! The problem is that you have to pay a monthly fee for it. You are looking at $20 to $1500 a month for video tutorials, which is a bit pricey if you ask me.

You are going to end up paying money for support. Along with a small amount of documentation Umbraco has a small community. That means you will not have a lot of developers to help you and it will be hard to find information from other websites.

WP is so easy you’re really not going to need any help, but WordPress has the largest community on the web. You will be bombarded with videos, blogs, forums, experts, and more for free. Since WordPress is so large that also means that you are going to find more developers at way cheaper prices than Umbraco.

W3Techs reports that WP is used by 25.2% of all the sites on the web. Umbraco is used by 0.1% of all websites. This shows that more people are trusting and choosing WP.

Umbraco is not meant for small websites or blogs. It is better suited for organizations running large sites. WordPress is perfect for everything. Personal blogs, small websites, and large websites.

When Large brands like TechCrunch, CNN, Forbes, Variety, Sony Music, Quartz, Marks & Spencer for Business, Dallas Mavericks, Samsung, Ford,, Wolverine Worldwide, The New York Times, TopMan, Beyonce, and more use your platform then that shows that you deliver.

Umbraco isn’t an out of box solution. It is to be used by dedicated developers and even then I recommend that all users choose WordPress. It is better because of all the reasons mentioned above in this article and it still allows you to work under the hood if you so choose. Everything, even the stats show that WP is the clear winner.

All you need is Bluehost, which costs less than 4 dollars a month. The best time to start a website is today. Why? You want to start ranking on Google as soon as possible. It’s going to take time to rank better and Google needs to know your site. I guarantee that you are going to wish that you have started sooner. It is going to take 5 minutes to create a WordPress site . See for yourself!

(Start Bluehost here.) They will give you a free domain.

Sign up, install WordPress, and sign in your dashboard. Simple and they have live chat to help you.

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