Today we will be reviewing two web hosting services that started out of Florida.

In this TMDHosting Vs HostGator we will be comparing the uptime performance, hosting features, pricing options, and more. Let’s begin!


TMDHosting servers are located just about everywhere. Data centers are their specialty. All of their data centers are certified under the SSAE-16 standard. With data centers in 3 different continents your website will never have a problem with load speeds in different regions.

Altogether TMD offers 7 data centers. In the U.S you will get data centers in Chicago and Phoenix. In the UK, you are given data centers in London. In NL, you are given data centers in Amsterdam.

TMD also offers data centers in Tokyo Japan, Singapore, and remarkably you are given data centers in Australia. Some of their specs include enterprise grade hardware, (SSD) Acceleration, Gigabit Connectivity, and more.


HostGator offers two awesome data centers for their customers. One of their data centers is located in Houston, TX and their other data center is located in Provo, UT. HostGator facilities feature 24/7 CCTV monitoring, secured entrances, mantraps, and biometric locks. With HG power is fed through redundant critical paths, dual segregated transformers, 750kW UPS battery backup units, and more.


There is a huge pricing difference. To be so blunt, TMD is cheaper than HG. Compared to some other hosting companies HostGator can be pricey. TMD’s Starter plan starts at $2.85/mo. A price like this for unlimited shared hosting is almost unheard of. Their Business plan which gives you unlimited domains on your account and more perks is going to cost $5.85/mo. Their largest plan, which is their Pro plan is going to cost $12.85/mo. These are some of the cheapest plans on the web.


With HostGator you can get a cheap price if you pay in advance. Their Hatchling Plan, which is currently 43% off is going to cost you $3.95/mo. This is their 36-month hosting billing cycle. I recommend paying yearly if you desire a cheaper price. A 24-month billing cycle with their Hatchling plan is going to cost $4.95/mo. 1-year billing cycle is going to cost $5.95/mo.

Their most popular hosting plan is their Baby Plan which is going to cost $5.95/mo. Although it is not needed if you want to create more than just a blog, then you have the option of choosing their Business plan which is currently on sale for $5.95/mo. This plan comes with PRIVATE SSL&IP and Free VoIP Phone Service.

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In conclusion

HostGator offers a significant price drop when you pay yearly. However, it is clear that TMDHosting offers cheaper hosting prices.

One thing that HostGator has always been missing is a free domain upon signing up. HostGator does not give their users a free domain. When you purchase your domain through HG you will pay an extra $12.95. This is their yearly domain price. TMDHosting on the other hand includes a free domain upon signing up. Not only does this mean a cheaper upfront price but this also means an easier set up.

When we compare uptimes, we do not see much difference between hosting companies. Both offer a 99.99% monthly uptime rating. Better uptime means higher revenue for your business. The difference is not with the uptimes the difference is when we compare speed. I found that TMDHosting servers are slightly faster than HostGator’s servers. This is possibly due to the various data centers that TMD has to offer.

Both companies offer hosting for those who need a Prestashop or WordPress website. They also offer hosting for Drupal, Concrete5, Dolphin, Magento, Joomla, Moodle, SocialEngine, and more.

TMDHosting features

  • Multiple layers of cache
  • Solid-State drives
  • Shared SSL Certificate
  • 7 data centers
  • Easiest Drag & Drop sitebuilder.
  • FFMPEG Audio/Video, Ray Media Server
  • Fully Dedicated
  • Daily backups
  • Safeguarded from online threats

HostGator features

  • Free HostGator Website Builder with over 100+ Mobile-Friendly Templates.
  • Hotlink protection
  • 24/7/365 Server Monitoring
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Instant backups
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • HostGator Community Forum Access

Both platforms utilize an all in one initiative control panel called cPanel. cPanel is the industry standard control panel. Not only does cPanel look the best, but it also is the easiest control panel to use. Lastly, cPanel offers more features than any other control panel on the web including vDeck.

Most people overlook the refund policy. However, I never overlook the refund policy. Why you ask? A longer refund guarantee for a service that you are using shows confidence in their service. They know that you will be satisfied and they are not worried about you leaving. HostGator offers a 45-day refund guarantee for their shared, reseller, and VPS hosting. TMDHosting offers a 60-day money back guarantee for their shared, VPS, and cloud hosting.

I have no problem with either technical support team. HostGator offers 500+ video tutorials and 680+ help articles. HostGator also offers 24/7 phone, chat, and email support. TMDHosting offers 24/7/365 Genius Support® assistance. Just like HostGator you can call or chat with representatives at any time. Also, you can search through their large knowledge-base for answers.

TMDHosting is clearly a superior web host. TMD servers are spread out across the world. TMD servers are slightly faster. TMD can be purchased at a better price. Lastly, TMD offers more features for their customers. Below I will help you to set up your blog with TMDHosting and start ranking in 5 minutes.

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