Which is better between SiteGround Vs HostGator web hosting? Both of the these web hosting services are the best in the industry.

In this article I will be comparing the performance, support, pricing, features, and more. Although these are two top companies the choice for most people should be easy and at the end you will see my recommended hosting provider and why.

HostGator is a Houston-based provider of shared, reseller, virtual private server, and dedicated web hosting with an additional presence in Austin, Texas that was founded by Brent Oxley in 2002.

SiteGround is a web hosting company founded in 2004 that is crafted for top hosting speed. It provides shared hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers. Currently, the company employs over 280 people.

Both SiteGround and HostGator use the award winning cPanel for their control panel. That means that everything is going to be easier to use and navigate through. You can expect features such as billing systems, hotlink protection, cron jobs, advanced dns zone editor, ad credits, and much more.

The similarities continue into the support comparison. Having tried both I can tell you that the support for both is awesome. What I like about both hosting companies is that they offer 24/7 phone support 365 days of the year.

Many hosting companies fail to offer 24/7 phone support. Some fail to offer any phone support. Along with 24/7 phone support you are given live chat support. You will be able to chat with employees from both companies all day long. When it comes to support it is a tie.

Pricing is where both companies differ and SiteGround takes the huge edge. One of the first things that attracts you to SiteGround is their cheap prices.

SG is only going to cost you $3.95 a month and unlike most hosting services you will be given a free domain name with hosting, which means more money saved.

HostGator has a plethora of different pricing plans. Depending on the length of your plan you are looking at hosting for around 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 dollars a month.

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One of the great things about SiteGround is that they have server locations on three continents. You can choose the one nearest to you out of North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region to get the best website speed.

Both companies are known for their great uptime. Both offer 99.99% uptime and a high uptime is great for your blog and your business. The only thing that really separates the two is that SG displays their monthly uptime which is extremely convenient for their users.

HostGator features

  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Latest cPanel Control Panel
  • Wind Energy to help offset server emissions
  • Certified Renewable Energy Credits
  • 750kW UPS battery backup units, N+1 diesel generators
  • 32 Core AMD Opteron™ Processor 6376
  • Dual Xeon E5520 2.26 GHz Quad Core Processors
  • 1-CLICK Script Installs

SiteGround features

  • Unlimited data transfer for your website.
  • Free site setup
  • WP-CLI Pre-installed
  • WordPress Special Cache
  • One-click WordPress Staging
  • Servers on Three Continents
  • SuperCacher
  • Free CDN with Each Account
  • Power & Hardware Redundancy
  • Daily backups
  • SPAM Experts Spam Prevention


Hands down the best hosting provider to create a website fast and easy is SiteGround. I don’t believe that there is any hosting company that makes it easier to create a website than SiteGround. The reasons that you can create a website in less than 5 minutes with SiteGround is because they give you a free domain name.

That means you won’t have to go to a domain registrar and do extra work. You can easily create a free domain and fill out your information. What makes it even easier with SG is that they have an awesome WordPress preinstall wizard feature.

This feature automatically installs WordPress for you. Even if you are a beginner I guarantee you that because of their preinstall wizard it will take you 5 minutes to create a website with SG.


HostGator is not difficult at all to create a website, but it is not as easy as SG. It takes about 20 minutes to create a website with HostGator, which is not bad at all.

Both companies offer refund policies for their users.

SG offers their users a 30 day money back guarantee, but HG offers a 45 day money back guarantee.

HostGator customer from samuelhollis.com

HostGator is a reliable source for web hosting. Any problems I’ve had have been corrected within a very timely fashion and I have had little to no downtime on my site for over 2 years.

SiteGround customer from airbnbhost.com

I have been with many different web hosts over the years and I’m voluntarily writing this review because I am really happy with SiteGround. If you have a WordPress or similar site, and are looking for the most features for the lowest price, they are your solution.

I only know their support technicians are great because I have had to contact them on two occasions to fix a problem that I caused.

In all honesty I love both companies. Both are very popular, have top performance, and great support.

But as of 2016 SiteGround is the more popular company, they give you a free domain, data centers in multiple continents, it is way cheaper, and it is far easier to create a website. If you are a beginner and you need a website I strongly recommend that you choose SiteGround.

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