eBay is one of the most popular ways to sell products online. In this comparison between Shopify Vs eBay you must know that Shopify is not just a place to sell. Unlike eBay you will get an actual professional website and ecommerce platform.


With eBay you can have up to 50 free listings per month. You can always see listing fees before you list on the side of the page. eBay charges a final value fee if your item actually sells, which is generally 10% of the total sale price. PayPal also charges a transaction fee for processing payments for you, as do all merchant gateways. They generally charge 2.9% + ¢30 per transaction. Generally it’s pretty safe to assume about a 13% commission will be taken. You will want to set the starting price of your item accordingly so you can make the profit that you want.

With eBay there are many different options to help your potential of selling. For example, there is a Gallery Plus Option which attracts customers with a larger version of your listing image in the search results which will cost you $0.35. Another example, is that you can add descriptive information about your items to help it stick out. This will cost you $0.50. To see all the different types of fees check out the eBay standard fees page.

Valet program

You also have the option of using eBay’s new Valet program, which kind of reminds me of selling things With Amazon FBA. What it is, is that you send your items to valets and they sell it for you. There are many limitations to using this program. For example, they have limitations such as the value of the item has to be at least $40 of value or more. The payout is a percentage of the total and it fluctuates, the greater the sale price of the item the lower percentage they collect.

If the item sold is less than $50, you will earn 60% and the valet fee is 40%.

If the sold item is over $50, you will earn 70% and the valet fee is 30%

If the sold item is over $200 you will earn 80% and the valet fee is 20%

eBay stores

This is the closest you will get to having your own store with eBay. You have to get a subdomain www.stores.ebay.com/yourstorename and not an actual professional domain.

Basic Store $19.95/month – Item insertion fee 20¢

Premium Store $59.95/month – Item insertion fee 10¢

Anchor Store $199.95/month – Item insertion fee 5¢

Final value fees 4%-9%


This Shopify chart shows the different pricing plans. Shopify has no transaction fees. The bigger the plan the cheaper the CC rates. I would like to note that the nine dollar plan does not offer a regular storefront. What it does offer you is a feature that allows you to sell directly on your social platforms. This feature alone will help you make a lot of money. Most likely though you are looking at paying $29/mo to give you a store and the other features. Start a 2 week trial no CC needed.

Shopify has better prices because you don’t have to worry about them taking over 10% of your commission. You will be making more profit.

eBay is not for the future. Who’s to say that in a few years there is not going to be a better company than eBay. If you receive a bad review it will be harder to make sales. Selling on eBay is not having your own shop. Yes you can make money, but people for the most part won’t be coming to eBay for you they will be coming for what they want. You might have to compete with well established people selling the same items.

Shopify helps you build a brand, which results in more income for the future. You want people to search for you right away in the search engines and Shopify gives you that ability because you have an actual store front and it’s SEO friendly.

If I buy one of your products and I love it I am going to share your store on my social account and I will drop a link to your online store to drive customers to your website. If I bought the same product from eBay I’m not going to want to do that. You see where I’m getting at. You will not have an identity. You will get less shares and you will not have a brand.

eBay wins in exposure. In the beginning it is going to be easier to make a sale because eBay has millions of shoppers. In the beginning you will have no ratings so you might have to price your items low so people will actually buy, but once again the traffic is there for you.

But Shopify gives you a better opportunity to blow up because you have the search engines on your side. Let’s say that people type in a particular homemade product that have and you rank high. For that keyword you will generate passive income.

With eBay you will not be getting any features, you just get a platform to sell. With Shopify you will get versatility. I will name some features that you will get.

Blog feature – If you want a surefire way to receive traffic, then blog. Some people make over 100K a year because they blog around their products and services. Even the big name companies do this because they see how beneficial it is.

Ebay Importer – This feature allows you to import your eBay listings into Shopify.

Chat – Talk to your customers with chat

SM Shops – Sell directly to your followers, fans, and to searchers on your social media pages. This is one of the best features that you will ever find. I especially love the Pinterest one because Pinterest is know to increase sales by over 100%

Best seller – This allows you to promote your best sellers on Twitter.

Langify – This allows you to translate your site in other languages for visitors around the world.

Bubbleyes – This feature will notify customers when their favorite items are on sale.

Membership – This feature lets you increase sales with membership discounts.

App store – In the Shopify app store they have hundreds of free and paid features to bring customers, increase sales, add cool capabilities, and make life easier for you. All you have to do is type in the one you need and press search.

They both have great support. eBay offers a lot of helpful guides. If you search by topic you will see that they have guides for buying, selling, managing your account, fees & billing, resolving a problem, and shipping returns. Shopify Manual has everything you need to know to start and improve your Shopify store. You will find documentation for everything. Both companies also have phone, live, and email support.

Maybe you already pictured in your head how your site will look like. Shopify puts your dreams to life. It actually allows you to be creative and pick a custom theme of your choice.

The best option is to use Shopify. It gives you your own brand, website, and it gives you a truck load of features for increased income. There are many stores on the web that are powered by Shopify and are making over 100K/yr in profit. Search engine presence helps you do this. You can’t let Shopify pass you by. What you should do is use them both. Start with Shopify now for the long run and use eBay for now to help you sell and receive repeat customers for your business. Don’t let time pass you by start ranking on Google today.

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