Are you wondering is WordPress premium worth it? Should you actually pay $99 a year? I will help you with making the right decision. If the question is should you go premium with WordPress or continue with the free account, then the answer is obvious.

Choose Premium because the completely free WordPress is terrible. You have to have an ugly domain, annoying ads, you will have terrible storage space, etc. Stay away from the free WordPress, it is not meant for serious bloggers. There are way too many limitations and it is not meant for the future.

Although Premium WordPress is a far better option then the free WP, it would not be wise to choose it. I know that you are wondering what I mean by this. It would not be wise to choose it over self hosted WordPress . Why would you pay $99 for Premium when you can have a self-hosted blog, which is what all serious bloggers have?

Getting your own hosting is going to be cheaper than $99 a year and it is better. All of my blogs are self-hosted with It would not be wise for me or anyone else to purchase the premium plan over it because there are still limitations. It costs way more than hosting, it has less features, it has less plugins, etc.

Once again WordPress Premium costs $99 a year per blog and that is not including the domain you have to purchase. With $99 why don’t you just get Bluehost hosting, which is the top WordPress hosting company. It is only going to cost you $3.95 a month, which is only $47 a year. Unlike Premium they will at least give you a free domain name when you sign up. As you can see the self hosted option is better for the price .


WordPress Premium does not offer that much themes for you to choose from and not all of their themes are free. Most likely you are going to end up paying 50 dollars and up for a theme and you will still be subject to customization restrictions. The worst thing is that you can’t buy themes from other places on the internet, which is a real drag.


With WordPress and your own hosting you will be given thousands of free and paid themes to choose from. That means you are most likely going to find the perfect theme for you for a better price. My first WordPress theme cost $30, that’s before I switched to Genesis and Thesis. I strongly recommend that you get your own hosting and purchase (Genesis), which is the most popular blogging theme.

Just because you are upgrading does not mean your TOS is going to change . You still don’t truly own the site and it can be shutdown for any reason without your knowledge if you are not careful.

For professional purposes and safety purposes getting your own hosting company is always the best choice. Do your blog a favor and get your own host just to be on the safe side.

Many people think about going Premium just so that they can have more storage space. Would you rather have 10 more GB or an unlimited amount of storage space? Bluehost gives you unlimited storage and bandwidth for a better price. If your reason for thinking about the Premium option is strictly because of storage space then it would be wise to just get your own hosting.

When you go Premium you get more designs, more v >These plugins are why most people get their own hosting provider. It only takes one click and your blog will be able to do extraordinary things.

You can make your blog faster, you can give your blog better SEO, you can sell on your blog, you can switch your interface, you can add different security features, you can start a forum section, you can install a scheduler, you can install comment moderators, you can add v >There is nothing that you can’t do and the good thing is that there are thousands of these bad boys.

With premium you still will not have FTP access. You will not have the best SEO optimization like you will with You will not have access to plugins. You will not have real CSS editing. You will not be able to install third party themes. You will not get the support that you will get with

You cannot give one reason why Premium WordPress is better . I know when someone is making a big mistake. Serious bloggers who hope to one day generate income from their blogs need their own hosting. I will help you get started right now below .

Choose your free domain name.

Complete the simple set up process. BH will guide you through everything. They even have live chat.

Head over to the website section and install WP.

That is basically it. You’re official. Log into your WP dashboard.

You will find that it is extremely easy to use. In the appearance section you can install a better theme than the default theme, but the big boys are using Genesis for SEO.

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