Let’s compare HubSpot Vs WordPress. This is a comparison of a Content Optimization System (COS) vs a traditional Content Management System (CMS) to help you find out, which is the better platform to use to build your website.

Both have their own benefits and they target different people. With this review I will show you why the choice is simple. Below I have added a tutorial to assist you in creating your website today.

If you want just a personal blog, website, ect. then WordPress is better for its functionality. It was built to be a powerful blogging platform, but now WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. HubSpot was not made for people who want a simple website.

It was meant for those who are generating income already and have the budget and resources for inbound marketing. If this is not you, then WordPress is right choice.

One of the benefits of choosing WordPress is that you own the software that you are using. It will never be a problem to move your site. With HubSpot you do not own the software, which is a drawback. I always tell people to make sure that you are on your own servers.

Pricing is probably the largest difference between both companies.


HubSpot is not even close of being cheap. If you want to save money, then it is not for you. Their most popular plan is their pro plan, which is $800 a month. Their cheapest plan is $200 a month. You also have to take into account contacts, required onboarding, reports, ads, etc. With their cheapest plan and basic onboarding you have to pay at least $2400 a year.

You are likely going to pay more depending on your need for add-ons. For many businesses $2000+ upfront is a killer.


WordPress is free to use. This is one of the reasons that many people choose WordPress. This includes me. The only thing that you need to pay for with WP is your hosting provider. With the official WordPress recommended hosting company SiteGround you will receive hosting for only $3.95/mo.

You can’t beat $47 a year. I personally would never pay $2400+ a year for any platform. Would you rather pay $47 or $2400?


Plugin features is the best thing about being a WordPress user. With over 31K plugins you can do just about anything for your business or blog. There are many sophisticated features that are sure to make your website money. If you want more flexibility, then WordPress is the best choice.

WordPress offers many free marketing, ecommerce, contact, sales, sharing, chat, SEO, speed, editor, security, forum, commenting, live support, mailing list forms, image optimization, client, social media, search plugins, and more. Type in what you need in the search area and you are able to install any plugin in one second.


HubSpot offers a different approach. They are not big in plugins like WordPress, but they offer features packed in your HubSpot plan.

WordPress is far easier to use than HubSpot. For beginners HubSpot can be overwhelming, but in all fairness the difficulty is because of what HubSpot is for. With WordPress you have better editing tools for writers and other features at your disposal.

You are able to turn your site into a full feature ecommerce platform in seconds with the Woocommerce plugin which powers over 30% of online shops. With WordPress there is no need to drag and drop to create a professional online website. It takes only 5 minutes with SiteGround because SiteGround offers a WP preinstall wizard.

HubSpot offers SEO tools integration. WordPress offers built-in SEO as well, but to boost your SEO all WordPress users use a SEO plugin. The most popular SEO plugin in the world is Yoast. Many of the most popular sites in the world are using Yoast SEO.

Not only can you add an SEO plugin, but you can also add a cache plugin for even greater site speed. This is beneficial for ranking even higher on Google. WordPress is proven in SEO. A quarter of the top 10 million sites ranked by Alexa are powered by WP.

This is way more than any other platform. WordPress sites are on top of Google and Bing for different keywords. This is one way to see that WordPress sites are better for SEO. It’s easy to find popular WP sites on the web, but it is hard to find popular HubSpot sites. URLs are huge in SEO. One drawback of HubSpot is that their permalink structure includes numbers.

Another drawback is that HubSpot will organize your blog in a subdomain. For example, blog.mywebsite.com. The SEO experts had a huge discussion about this and the conclusion is that it is not the best option for those trying to get maximum SEO power.


If you want a beautiful site, then WordPress is the best option. HubSpot is about inbound marketing. People who choose HubSpot are not really worried about the design. The designs are basic and might seem a little 2000ish for some. You are more than likely going to have to spend some money on developers to code up something better.


WordPress is famous for their extensive theme inventory. You are given over 2500 free fashionable themes. You are given thousands of premium themes that cost around $20-$100. You can buy them from anywhere online, but I recommend StudioPress for those looking for the best search engine optimization boost. Genesis by StudioPress is the most popular SEO theme in the world today.

With WordPress you can literally replicate any site that you want or you can easily find a unique look for your business with these up-to-date designs.

Let’s face it. Image optimization benefits your SEO greatly. WordPress offers more image resizing options, crop options, image full-size reduction options, and more. Not only do you have built-in options, but you can also install quick image plugins.

It is harder for you to find HubSpot developers. This means that it will be more of a hassle for you in the future and the cost is going to be higher than usual because of the scarcity of developers.

With WordPress it is truly so easy that you won’t need developers, but if you choose to seek developers they are easy to find and because of the huge demand you will find one for a cheap price. When you have a larger community you have more resources available to you.

HubSpot is used by 0.2% of all the websites while WordPress is used by 25% of websites.

The HubSpot keyword receives 300,000 monthly searches while the keyword WordPress receives 3 million monthly searches.

You can’t really compare these two. They have different uses. People who are already generating income and want to attract leads can use HubSpot, but overall I would still recommend WordPress. For most people who want a regular site there are features that HubSpot offers that will be useless to you. Most popular bloggers are using WordPress.

If you’re new to web development or you want to create a blog, website, online business, etc. I strongly recommend WordPress. All my websites are on WordPress and I have never turned back.

You never have to worry about the cost, you have more features, a larger community, more themes, more plugins, etc. The choice is obvious. The best time to start an idea is now. I will guide you step by step so you can start ranking online today.

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